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3 curiosities about Stephen King

1.Lived in hardship

His father abandoned him, his mother and his brother when he was only two years old, so little Stephen grew up in great financial difficulties. Despite this, he was able to study at the University of Maine because he paid for it himself with odd jobs, such as in a laundry and in a library. This is precisely how he met his wife, Tabitha King, she also worked in the university library.

They married in 1971 and for years lived with their three children in a trailer, surviving on the meager income Stephen earned from his short, magazine stories.

Everything changed with her novel Carrie.


He sent it to an editorial that seemed to forget about it, but one day he received a purchase offer for $ 2,500 in advance. Soon after, Carrie's rights were sold for $ 400,000, of which Stephen King received half.

2. His family and friends saved him from the additions.

During the 80s, and already on the crest of the wave, Stephen King plunged into a well of addiction to cocaine, alcohol and other substances. Her family and friends got together and decided to act together to end this spiral of self-destruction. They stood at his house and showed him the waste from his study, full of bags of cocaine, marijuana, beer cans, cigarettes, tranquilizers, painkillers, and antidepressants, among other medications.

Stephen King confessed that this marked a turning point for him, he gave up all drugs and alcohol and has remained sober ever since.

Those problems were reflected in his second novel, The Shining, in the person of its main character, the alcoholic writer Jack Torrance.

3. He almost lost a leg due to a brutal hit

In the summer of 1999 the writer was hit by a van and fell into a four-meter deep ditch. The accident, apparently, was due to the distraction of the driver, Bryan Smith, because the dog that took in the back part of his vehicle did not stop moving.

Stephen King suffered serious injuries, including collapse of the right lung, multiple bills in the leg and hip, and head injuries.

Doctors initially considered amputating his leg, but eventually managed to stabilize the bones with external fixations. He had to undergo five operations in ten days, and then the pain in his hip became so unbearable that he could not sit for more than 40 minutes in a chair, which made his work as a writer very difficult.

All this seems to be taken from one of his macabre stories, and it is inevitable not to remember Misery's argument, but in fact he wrote that novel much earlier, in 1987.

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