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5 curiosities of Money Heist

1. The success of Money Heist has no name! And to think that I was going to have a very different one ... Because in preproduction times the series was called differently. Instead of looking at the scene of the robbery, the title focused on its protagonists: it was the evicted, by the common origin of the thieves recruited by the Professor.

2. The names of the evicted also differed from their original version. At least, several. Because although Tokyo - we will soon talk about it - was Tokyo from the start, like Berlin, Oslo was going to be Valencia. After this change, Spain was left without its own cities among the nicknames of the robbers, perhaps to avoid anger in the country of Money Heist. And Moscow? It would be Chernobyl. Adorable Nairobi, meanwhile, would initially use the name of an African nation: Cameroon.

3. Beyond the names, much has changed in Money Heist since the first scene was filmed until it was released. The pilot, who derived in the opening chapter of the series, was performed 52 times! until the production understood that the plot was already oiled, as well as the profile of the characters. 

4. The façade of the National House of the Currency and Timbre of Madrid that is observed in the series -and from that first chapter- is in truth the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations. And all those outdoor scenes were filmed on Saturdays and Sundays, the only two days that permission was obtained to do so.

The interior of the Casa de la Moneda was recreated by the production, although more similar to the Paris Science Museum. And the millions of euros, where did they print? In the newspaper of the ABC newspaper, and in newspaper, justly.

5. Bullets are not wasted in Money Heist: shootings do not abound in the plot. And yet, the first chapter concludes with a confrontation with the police of which the actors did not participate, nor doubles of risk. With the use of Dalí's masks, they were executed by weapons specialists, using machine guns that fired air instead of salvos. And the broken glasses of the patrol car? They were made of sugar cubes. Because if in life nothing is what it seems, in fiction much less!


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