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Curiosities of Meghan Markle

1-Her real name is not Meghan, but Rachel, precisely the name of the protagonist who gave life in the series Suits (Rachel Zane), the television platform that served her fame. Markle has multiracial roots since she is the daughter of an African-American mother and a father of Dutch and Irish descent. By the way, his father, Thomas, is a cinematographer and won an Emmy.

2- Meghan Markle has several nicknames. Two of the most widespread in her inner circle are 'Meg' and 'M&M', although her mother has always called her 'flower'.

3- Her acting career started very unexpectedly, when a friend sent an agent a home movie that Meghan had made during her college years. He has appeared in series such as General Hospital, Fringe, CSI: NY or Castel. He has also had small roles in the cinema such as in the film Remember me or I want to kill my boss (2011) in which he shared a cast with Jennifer Aniston. The 36-year-old was also a flight attendant on Deal or no deal.

4- One of Meghan Markle's qualities is her good handwriting. In fact, before turning to acting, Harry's future wife worked as a calligrapher for weddings and events.

5- Another of Markle's skills is her passion for blogging, to the point that she created her own space where she gave 'lifestyle' advice and which she called The Tig. The actress closed this blog last April.

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