Zoom University T-Shirt | Pants Not Required T-Shirt



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Some tricks to use Zoom

Ok you are in the living room, but why not move to any other place. Change your wallpaper in ‘Settings> Virtual Background’ when you enter a meeting and select a preset that you like, or load the image that you miss the most from your reel.

If you are one of those who use Zoom on the computer, but do not want to be depending on the mouse or the trackpad, there are a large number of useful keyboard shortcuts on your support website to help you navigate the app. The space bar, for example, activates and deactivates the microphone, and with Command (⌘) or CRTL + Shift + V: we start or stop the video.

Oh, and you better don't use pants!

Additional product information

Size S
T-Shirt Type Black Unisex
Stamping colour White

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