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The Witcher T-Shirt | Toss a Coin



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Meaning of The Witcher's “Toss a Coin”

One of the best segments, without a doubt, is when Jaskier (sometimes known as Dandelion), the "humble bard" who will eventually become the sorcerer's best friend, composes a monster song to the monster hunter. The ballad makes a masterful display of musical composition, lyric and an excellent vocal management.

Geralt de Rivia has an excellent marketing director, because in his world, Jaskier composes "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" with the aim of advertising and generating popularity. This is how Geralt's ballad tells the story of how even while at a disadvantage, the White Wolf managed to defeat a silver-tongued "demon" and his fellow elves without a single apex of mercy and with fierce but accurate movements of his sword. Ok, maybe he added a bit of his harvest to the bard who also usually sings about places he never visited.

The extolled melody serves Jaskier to demonstrate his enormous talent and make even more enemies in the process. As we saw on the screen, the reality is that Geralt confronts Torque, an intelligent sylvano who protected his new elven friends that will make up Scoia’tael guerrillas. The funny thing is that Geralt and Jaskier were easily defeated, tied and were about to be executed but were released by the sorcerer's empathy for the less fortunate and the decision of the elf leader Filavandrel.

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Size S
T-Shirt Type Black Girly
Stamping colour Unique

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