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5 Curiosities of Emma Watson

Emma Watson is known to most people thanks to her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. Despite being a very good actress, this is not the only thing that has dedicated her 26 years of life. There are many things that this star has done in his short life, and many things we have to know about her.

1- Emma Watson graduated with A+++

One thing we did not know is that the actress was a very good student in high school and graduated nothing more and nothing less than outstanding.

2- Has a yoga and meditation instructor degree.

Celebrities' lives often have a frantic pace, always traveling from one place to another. That's why Emma uses yoga and meditation to relax and has decided to become an expert in it.

3- Write a meticulously detailed diary about your life.
He details his daily life so much that he has already filled 30 diaries! How many will manage to write throughout his life?

4- He loves to cook.
Emma says she loves to cook because it helps her relax, and besides that her family and friends always appreciate her homemade dishes.

5- His favorite book in the Harry Potter saga is «The Prisoner of Azkaban».
Although his favorite book does not match his film. Of the films he prefers the first and the last. The first because he liked the novelty, to start a new project. And the last one, because it is in which she has a more leading role, and this made her overcome herself as an actress.

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