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Some tips about The Handmaid's Tale

The terror caused by The Handmaid's Tale is based, above all, on the fact that it is a futuristic drama. And while most things that happen in the series are unimaginable today, Atwood said that, while writing the book, he wanted the most terrifying situations in history were atrocities that had happened at some point in history. "I imposed a rule on myself: it would not include anything that humans had not done in some past place or time, or for what necessary technology did not yet exist." I did not want to be accused of obscuring, or making inventions, or encourage human potential to deplorable behavior ".

According to the production designer in a recent interview, the maid's room wanted to highlight everything she had lost from her previous life. "We put a desk in the room, but she can not write, so it's like a constant reminder to her, 'I was a writer, editor, and now I can not even sit down and write.'"

In an interview with Time, Moss and Atwood claimed that the actress had shot the series without makeup. "Bruce Miller, scriptwriter and writer, said he felt that in this way the performance was more direct, because he felt every gesture, every frown and every twinge that his character felt," explained the author. "There was nothing between me and the camera," Moss added.

Despite his Canadian origin, Atwood had a logical justification for establishing Gilead in the United States, since he does not imagine that such an extreme totalitarian regime could rule in a country like Canada. "I have to say that resistance to something like that would be too strong in Quebec, Canada has historically been a place for escape, so they also flee in The Tale of the Maid, People are also escaping now to Canada, following a historical pattern. "

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