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What will happen in Game Of Thrones

One of the two climaxes of the Season 5 finale was the scene in King’s Landing, as Cersei took her infamous Walk of Shame from the Sept of Baelor back to the Red Keep. It wasn’t until after the episode was over that people began to ask “What about Margaery?”

What about Margaery? She’s still locked away in the dungeons under the Sept, and it won’t be until at least halfway through the season before that changes. How do we know? Her release from the Sept was filmed out in the open, on the steps of The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona, this past September. Even better, we have a picture of the clapboard, so we know that this scene does not happen until episode 6.

In order to secure her release, Tommen’s Uncle/Father Jaime—yes, he’s still in King’s Landing at this point—will ride up the huge stone steps to the doors of the temple, backed by Tyrell forces, and demand the High Sparrow set Margaery free. (Said forces are donated by Mace, who is also back in King’s Landing, and in big trouble with Olenna for allowing himself to be sent away on such a worthless mission last year.) However, the theatrics turn out not to be necessary. The High Sparrow is perfectly happy to let Margaery go. She has confessed. Not only confessed, but repented, welcomed the Seven into her Heart, and become a Sparrow herself.

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