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Who are Auryn?

Auryn, stylized as AURYN, is a 5-member British-style Spanish boy band founded in 2010. Signed to Warner Music, they sing in English and Spanish.

The band is made up of five members that appeared previously on various talent show series in Spain. Various members of the band have taken part at different occasions in contests like Factor XVeo VeoLa Batalla de los Coros and at Junior Eurovision Song Contest qualifications. Dani Fernández represented Spain in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006, and remains the last Spanish entrant on the competition.

Blas Cantó and Dani Fernández have studied trumpet and piano at musical conservatories / schools. Carlos Marco has studied vocal techniques at "Escuela Orfeo" in Alicante. Álvaro Gango has taken part in gospel and classical choirs and has worked as actor and David Lafuente has learned in musical bands.


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Stamping colour Light Blue

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