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Ashton Irwin Trivia

1. Ashton has really big hands.
2. He is in love with Will Smith.
3. His favorite movie is Pursuit of Happyness.
4. A few weeks before the band recorded their EP, Ashton always thought EP meant Episode.
5. He is Australian Irish and American.
6. Ashton’s favorite TV show is Family Guy.
7. The boys say Ashton has smelly feet, but apparently he had great foot hygiene until someone spilt a beer down his shoe.
8. He used to be in a band called "Swallow The Goldfish".
9. Ashton has a weird obsession with Karl Stefanovic.
10. Ashton likes to play on Ikea furniture.

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Size S
T-Shirt Type Black Unisex
Stamping colour Unique

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