Bollito En El Horno T-Shirt

Bollito En El Horno T-Shirt



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10 tips for pregnant women

1. See your practitioner before becoming pregnant.

2. Start changing your food habits to include a healthy variety of foods.

3. Exercise! Starting now will help you stay in shape during pregnancy, can lower your risk of miscarriage, and has been proven to help reduce labor complications and length.

4. Educate yourself!

5. Eat a new vegetable you've never tried.

6. Check out a book on pregnancy.

7. Figure out what to do about chemical birth control, like the birth control pill.

8. Stop smoking. There are many programs to help you.

9. Take a prenatal vitamin. They can be prescribed by your practitioner or you can buy them over the counter. Ensure it contains 0.4 mg of folic acid.

10. Ask your partner to join you on your new healthy habit changes.

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Size L
T-Shirt Type Red Girly
Stamping colour Black

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