Stadium Tour "B" Justin Bieber Hoodie

Stadium Tour "B" Justin Bieber Hoodie



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Some info about Purpose World Tour

The Purpose World Tour is the third worldwide tour by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It is in support of his fourth studio album Purpose.[1] The tour began on March 9, 2016, in Seattle, Washington and scheduled to end on November 29, 2016, in London.[2]

The show starts with a filmed sequence in which he is "stuck inside a glass cube; then the real Bieber appeared inside a real cube" performing "Mark My Words", scrawling words like "hope" on the walls with a marker,[4] while wearing a long white coat.[5] Later, Bieber rises from below the stage in a large glass cube, "with the hydraulics pushing him higher" during the performance of "Where Are Ü Now",[6] with holograms flashing about,[7] while "Bieber's crew of dancers tumbled onstage in all-white attire as women suspended in midair did acrobatics against a chrome-y, industrial video backdrop."[5] 

For "I'll Show You", Bieber is "trapped under a literal steel cage while firestorms and spinning whirlwinds engulf him."[6] During the song's chorus, "an LED light show began flashing across its beams, covering him in exploding octagons and digital fireworks."[5] 

During "The Feeling", acrobats twirled above him, while cosmic projections of Halsey are shown.[6] Later, the performance of "Get Used To It" brought pyrotechnics, as well as movement from the platforms onstage.[5]

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