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Jon Snow Hoodie | Viva La Resurrección



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What will happen with Jon Snow of Game Of Thrones

Stannis enlists Jon as an intermediary between himself and Mance, hoping to add the wildling army to his own. Mance refuses to submit to Stannis, and the wildling king is burned at the stake by the Red Priestess Melisandre. Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and make him lord of Winterfell in exchange for his support, but Jon is voted the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, defeating his nemesis Alliser Thorne by a single vote. Jon's intent to welcome the wildlings into Westeros and grant them lands by the Wall further enrages the faction of the Watch led by Thorne, who hold a deep seated hatred for the wildlings. Jon travels north of the Wall to the wildling village of Hardhome, seeking wildling support for his plan to ally the Night's Watch and the wildlings against the growing threat of the White Walkers. A massive force of wights, led by White Walkers and their Night's King, attacks the village, and Jon barely escapes alive with small group of Night's Watchmen and wildlings. Shortly after returning to Castle Black, Jon is summoned to hear news of his missing uncle Benjen, but is instead stabbed to death by Thorne and his group of mutineers.

Davos finds Jon's body in the snow, and he, Dolorous Edd, and other brothers of the Watch loyal to Jon barricade themselves inside a small room with Ghost and the body. An attack by Thorne and his men is thwarted by the arrival of Tormund and his wildlings. Davos encourages Melisandre to attempt to resurrect Jon, and though the ritual seems to fail, when Jon is left alone he suddenly awakens. After hanging Thorne, Olly, Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck for their treason, Jon gives command of the Watch to Edd and prepares to leave Castle Black. He is reunited with his half-sister Sansa Stark, who has fled her abusive husband Ramsay Bolton and now seeks Jon's aid in crushing the Boltons. Jon is hesitant until a threatening message arrives from Ramsay demanding Sansa's return, and announcing Ramsay's possession of their brother Rickon.

Jon Snow Viva la Resurrección Sweatshirt | Felpa | Ché Guevara

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Size M
Hoodie colour White
Stamping colour Red

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