I'm Not A Princess, I'm A Rock Star Hoodie

I'm Not A Princess, I'm A Rock Star Hoodie



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 Some rock facts that will blow your mind

1. Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex, and his real name is William Bailey.

2. Rose used to earn $8 an hour by smoking cigarettes for a science experiment at UCLA.

3. The Clash’s “Rock The Casbah” was written after the banning of rock music inIran.

4. Bono got his nickname from a hearing-aid store.

5. John Lennon was featured as the cover story on the first issue of Rolling Stone, but the Beatles hold the record for most covers with more than 30.

6. Jimmy Page dated a 14-year-old girl while he was touring with Led Zeppelin.

7. The Rolling Stones’ tongue logo design was inspired by the Indian Hindu goddess Kali The Destroyer.

I'm Not A Princess, I'm A Rock Star Sweatshirt | Sweater | Felpa

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Size S
Hoodie colour Black
Stamping colour Fluorescent Pink

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