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What will happen on The Walking Dead?

The sixth season begins with Rick and his cohorts standing next to a quarry filled with walkers blocked inside by tractor trailers. Rick recites his plan to herd the walkers away using cars and a motorcycle. One of the trailers falls of a cliff, releasing the walkers; Rick shouts to the group to implement his plan now. Flashbacks reveal, amongst several incidents: Rick and Morgan discovered the walker-filled quarry while away burying Pete;

Ron secretly followed them and was rescued by Rick from walkers; Rick at first mistrusted Morgan; Glen covered for coward Nicholas; Rick improved security due to The Wolves; and Carter unsuccessfully tried to kill Rick so he could become leader. In the present, Sasha and Abraham drive a car, and Daryl a loud motorcycle, to continue luring the walkers. A wall the group had built at an intersection keeps the herd on course. Rick, Michonne, and Morgan walk alongside in the woods, shooting flares and guns to guide the undead.

Rick fatally shoots inept Carter because he screams over a zombie bite. Daryl lures half of the herd to the finish line, but a loud horn attracts the other half to Alexandria thanks to a deadly Wolves attack there. All Wolves are killed or allowed to leave by Morgan, except one whom he detains. Rick hides in an RV while Michonne and others head home. En route they meet Glenn and Nicholas trying to start a fire to divert the heard. Later both become overwhelmed by walkers, so Nicholas fatally shoots himself, causing Glenn to fall and seemingly be devoured. Rick kills attacking Wolves at the RV. Flashbacks reveal that Morgan's PTSD caused him to murder and that he was successfully treated by a compassionate psychiatrist who took him in.

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