Metallica Hoodie | James Dave Cliff Lars

Metallica Hoodie | James Dave Cliff Lars



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Some facts you didin't know about Metallica

- Lars Ulrich is an avid art collector. In 2008, the drummer sold his Jean-Michel Basquiat painting '(Untitled) 
- The first instrument James Hetfield learned to play was not the guitar; it was the piano at age nine.
- In addition to being a member of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves, bassist Robert Trujillo formed the outfit Mass Mental in 1998 while he was in Ozzy Osbourne's band. Mass Mental released one studio album and one live album, both in Japan only.
- Kirk Hammett's first guitar was a Montgomery Ward catalog special. He plugged it into a shoebox that was packed with a 4-inch speaker.
Metallica's first appearance on an album would be their performance of 'Hit the Lights' on Metal Blade's inaugural compilation, 'Metal Massacre.' Their name, however, was misspelled as Mettallica.
- Lars Ulrich has only been recorded playing drums for one other band. On Mercyful Fate's 1993 album, 'In the Shadows,' Ulrich lent his skills to the track 'Return of the Vampire ... 1993.'


Additional product information

Size L
Hoodie colour Black
Stamping colour White

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