By Order Of The Peaky Fucking Blinders T-Shirt

By Order Of The Peaky Fucking Blinders T-Shirt



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Curiosities of the Peaky Blinders

When Knight decided to write the series, he began by investigating the real history of organized crime gangs of the time. He read everything in the history books about the Peaky Blinders and discovered that there is no unanimous version of whether the name referred to a specific group or a violent youth subculture of Birmingham.
Some historians claim that there was a first group known as Peaky Blinders and that the name later became generic to describe the violent youth of the street. Knight then decided to give priority to oral history rather than written history and be inspired by some real characters to create his own, without relying specifically on any specific one.

Where does the name of the Peaky Blinders come from

Legend has it that criminals wore razor blades sewn into their berets (known as "peakys") with which they attacked their victims, usually in the eyes (hence "blinders"). Some historians claim that there is no real evidence of this practice, which also seems unrealistic because these blades did not reach England until 1908 and were considered a luxury. Apparently, this myth emerged much later, thanks to the novel A Walk Down Summer Lane by John Douglas.

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