Hostia, Pilotes! Que Són De Bones! M'encanten! T-Shirt



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It's only six seconds of video and less than ten words, but the surprise that Miquel Montoro took when entering the kitchen of his house and exclaiming his already universal "Hòstia, pilotes! Oh, que són de bones! M'encanten!" It is one that makes history.

The young Mallorcan youtuber already had thousands of followers on his social networks, an amount that has not stopped growing after his "Hòstia, pilotes!". Today he has more than 477,000 followers on Instagram and 154,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The video of "Hòstia, pilotes!", which had been circulating on social networks for days, became even more popular when David Broncano referred to him in La Resistencia during his interview with the Zowi trapper.

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