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7 things you don't know about Louis Tomlinson

1. He is the oldest of One Direction and for more than a year. The one who is closest to him in age is Zayn Malik, but even it takes him 13 months.

2. Louis is also a fan of some celebrities. Her favorite Hollywood girl is Natalie Portman, and the singer she wants to be is Robbie Williams.

3. Before joining One Direction, Louis auditioned for 'The X Factor' with the song "Hey there Delilah."

4. If Louis Tomlinson could have a super power, that would be flying.

5. The surname "Tomlinson" is not from his father, but from his stepfather. His real father's name (who divorced his mother when Louis was a child) is Troy Austin.

6. Louis has five younger sisters: Georgia, Charlotte, Félicité, Daisy and Phoebe (the latter are twins).

7. Before becoming a singer, Louis studied acting and obtained minor roles in the English series "Fat Friends", "If I Had You!" and "Waterloo Road".

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