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Arya Stark theories (SPOILERS)

Will Arya kill Cersei?
Cersei Lannister is on Arya's list so the current Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is definitely at risk. And fans think Arya will transform into Cersei's brother turned lover Jaime Lannister to check Cersei's name off her list. 
"Jamie dies in the winter war or Arya kills him after he confesses or finds out he pushed Bran out the window. Steals his face. Goes [to] Kings Landing. Tricks Cersei. Cersei realizes too late it's not Jamie because he has both hands. Struggles, stabs her to death," one fan commented on reddit. Another agreed, but suggested another face for Arya to put on, writing, "I'm fine with Arya killing Cersei, she's among many that have earn the chance, but I really hope she doesn't do it with Jaime's face. Take Qyburn's, Cersei trusts him more than Jaime these days anyway." 

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