La Momia Fantástica T-Shirt | Ernesto Sevilla

La Momia Fantástica T-Shirt | Ernesto Sevilla



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What is The Fantastic Mummy?

One day, Ernesto Sevilla visited the program presented by David Broncano, "La Resistencia" where he works as a collaborator. There, "the twin" has distributed money among the public, has promoted projects with Joaquín Reyes ('Chapter 0') and has told anecdotes of all kinds. Without going any further, a few weeks ago he explained that in the parties he organizes, if he sees that the party decays, he solves it with the appearance of "the fantastic mummy".

You just need a shaving foam bottle, spread your face with it and crown the "transformation" with black sunglasses. This way the party will never decay!

Additional product information

Size S
T-Shirt Type Black Unisex
Stamping colour White

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