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Big Bang Theory: Things You Dindn't Know

- Sheldon's trademark "Bazinga!" originated with writer Stephen Engel, who would set up playful practical jokes around the writers room, including putting together a grapefruit with tape. "I'd open it up and Stephen would say, 'Bazinga,' " executive producer Bill Prady recalled. "It was Stephen's word for 'gotcha.' " 
- After featuring Leonard Nimoy and Stephen Hawking, the producers joked that their next dream guest star might be a bit too busy to make time for the CBS hit. "We've done some episodes about religion and science, and we thought Pope Francis might be good," Prady joked of Wednesday's newly elected pope. "He's probably too busy now." 
- The cast really is musically inclined. Bialik learned how to play the harp after it was decided that it was Amy's instrument of choice; and Parsons learned how to play the theremin, so when scenes call for them to play, they actually are. As for their skill levels, Parsons joked his inability brought him to tears. For his part, Galecki also plays the piano. Chimed in Cuoco, "And when Penny drinks, she's really drinking!"

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