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What's the meaning of "No Its Becky"?

Here is the backstory: A photo of a pretty high school girl named Becky was posted to Tumblr by someone who wanted to tell her tragic tale. Apparently, Becky died at a party by "snorting marijuana" and this user wanted to spread awareness about the dangers of pot.

The problem is that the photo used with the story is actually a photo of Taylor Swift from her high school days, a fact that someone swiftly (pun!) points out. But they are adamant about her identity and insist "no its becky." 

First of all, no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Second, who the hell snorts weed? Third, if she did do this, how did that make her die instantly? Choking? Suffocating? Extreme stupidity? The story is obviously made up and they used a photo of Taylor Swift to tell it. 

Wow, we are really explaining the hell out of this joke and making it less funny, aren't we? How very Chandler Bing of us.

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Size S
T-Shirt Type Sunflower Unisex
Stamping colour Black

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