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4 curiosities of Måneskin

What does Måneskin mean?

The name is translated into Danish, and it means "moonlight". The truth is that Victoria, the bassist of the group, has Danish ancestry. She was one of the creators of the group.

How was Måneskin created?

We go back to 2015. Previously, Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi, the guitarist, met in high school. They discovered their passion for music and in August 2015 they decided to give life to this group. According to Ticketone, Damiano David was subsequently joined and, after posting an ad on Facebook, they signed Ethan Torchio, who is in charge of the drums.

When were its members born?

Damiano David is the oldest of the group. He was born in Rome on January 8, 1999. This is followed by Victoria de Angelis, also born in Rome, but on April 28, 2000. Year in which Ethan Torchio also came to the world. It was in the Italian capital on October 8. The youngest is Thomas Raggi, who was born in Rome on January 18, 2001.

Their past on television

The San Remo Festival, which is in charge of electing the Italian representative for Eurovision, has not been the only television program our protagonists have gone through. They also did it in 2017 when they participated in The X Factor (Italy). Their success was already beginning to conquer their country, as they were in second position and were sponsored by Manuel Agnelli.

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