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I Am Negan T-Shirt | The Walking Dead



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Some tips about Negan

When Negan waltzed on to the pages of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead back in 2012, accompanied by his barbwire-wrapped bat Lucille, he shook things up for our favourite band of survivors, killing off a major character and reducing leader Rick to a shadow of his former self. His entrance into the TV adaption this season was no less spectacular. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Supernatural fame, the leader of The Saviors – a band of roughly 70 survivors that prey on smaller colonies – looks set to take the show in a whole new direction. After all, he’s The Walking Dead’s official ‘big bad,’ a hefty title considering it took ten years for him to show up. It’s time to study up – these are 13 Things You Don’t Know About Negan (And Lucille). You might start to view this madman a little differently…

Sorry to everyone who was hoping Negan was going to meet his grim end this season, but if the show stays in line with the comic book story, it’s not happening any time soon. As far as issue #158 is concerned, Negan is still alive, although he’s no longer the primary antagonist. In fact, he spent a long time as Rick’s prisoner, living in a cell in the Hilltop Colony. However, Rick has since let him out and is attempting to rehabilitate Negan by letting him fight alongside the other survivors in a war against the books’ current bad guys, The Whisperers.

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