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Crazy curiosities of Friends that you surely did not know

Joey and Monica were going to be a couple

At first, the writers began to write the series with in mind that the characters of Monica and Chandler were going to have a romantic relationship. In the book I'll Be There for You, which is published this October on the occasion of the anniversary, Kelsey Miller reveals to fans of the series that it was Matt LeBlanc himself who suggested that his character not go after his neighbor and go just friends.

Recording time

In the special episode The One That Goes Behind The Scenes it was said that filming a full episode of Friends took five hours on average. Several takes of each scene were taken and a 20 minute break was allowed to change sets. An audience of 300 people was present on the set.

Joey and Chandler's house dog was Rachel's

Remember that huge figure of a white dog that adorned Joey and Chandler's apartment? It's the same one that Monica forbade Chandler to take with him when they moved in together. Well, in real life it belonged to Jennifer Aniston. A friend gave it to him as a good luck charm when he started acting. It seems that it worked.

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