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We have them all! GUZMÁN, CARLA, LU, NANO, SAMUEL, POLO, ANDER, OMAR, VALERIO, REBECA, CAYETANA, CHRISTIAN, NADIA, MARINA. Get your favorite character's Elite hoodie before they run out :)

5 Netflix Elite Secrets

1) Elite, unlike many other shows that must fight to have their place on the television grid, was created especially for the streaming platform. Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, creators of the series, got down to work when they learned that Netflix was looking to produce a new series aimed at a mostly teenage audience (and that we all enjoy).

2) Jaime Lorente, María Pedraza and Miguel Herrán became known worldwide thanks to their roles in La Casa de Papel where they played Denver, Alison Parker and Rio respectively. Because of this, many speculated that his inclusion in Elite was due to his growing fame, although we later learned that the actors had been chosen before the Spanish series acquired the fame he won.

3) Danna Paola, the Mexican actress who plays Lucrecia or «Lu» in the Spanish series, almost missed participating in the production since the invitation to be part of the casting was sent to her through an email that ended leading to the "spam" box. The actress learned that they wanted her for the series just a short time after the casting was done so she had to appeal to her manager to access it.

4) Elite is the second Spanish series created by Netflix (the first was Las Chicas del Cable).

5) The murderer of Marina (María Pedraza) was a mystery to all spectators until the last chapters of the first season. However, it was even more so for all the members of the Elite work team, since the actors did not find out about their identity until just one week before the end of filming.


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